At Farm To Table Online, we work with small, sustainable farmers and their families to help them share the products they are passionate about with the world. 

Here are some of the amazing farmers we are privileged to support. 

~Back Forty Poultry and Produce~ 



Meet the Wilhelm Family.  Bud Wilhelm I grew up on a small family farm in the white mountains of Arizona where his parents taught him the value of hard work, self-reliance and a great love of the land. 

Bud's father was a wildlife biologist by trade and his mother a homemaker. Bud was the sixth of eight children, four boys, and four girls.

"We grew up relying on the land for much of our sustenance and though my fathers' profession provided a steady income it was greatly stretched by my mothers' frugality," says Bud.  "We raised a large garden, chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits, goats, turkeys,  cattle, and for most of my upbringing we had a milk cow."

Along with the animal biology training his father had, and from his own life experiences, Bud learned early on that a "happy animal is a healthy animal and that a healthy animal is a great benefit to us."  

"We labored hard to ensure our animals were well cared for, they were provided with ample room to forage as they should, eating grasses, grains, and bugs." 

What wasn't available through nature was provided to them in a supplemental diet. 

"As we produced virtually all the protein we consumed, milk, eggs, and meat, we were very concerned with the health and wellbeing of our animals," says Bud.

Through his childhood experience, he came to enjoy animals and all things agriculture. Bud is married, with 3 daughters, and he tries to pass this same love onto his children.

"We have always had a large garden including watermelon and pumpkin patches that we've sold to the public."

Because of their love for animals, Bud's kids have flourished in the 4h program. They have also started the 3 sister's honey co. and they market and sell honey produced from their our own hives. 

The Wilhelms also raise turkeys the way all turkeys should be raised with ample room for them to run and frolic in the pasture grasses to peck bugs and pebbles from unmolested soil and to have a choice of sleeping under cover or under a starlit sky.  They are provided unfettered access to clean drinking water and all the supplemental food they can eat.  Their feed is 100% GMO, corn, and soy free. 
"We source their feed from small local sustainable farmers who value the land as much as we do," Bud says.  "We feel there is a better way and are determined to do our part in promoting and practicing agricultural principles that are sustainable, responsible, environmentally friendly and show the respect that these animals and our planet deserve."